Rongjiang dates back to the Yongzheng reign period

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The history of Sama Temple dates back to the Jiaqing Reign period of the Qing Dynasty. The one in Sanbaokou Village, Rongjiang dates back to the Yongzheng reign period of the Qing Dynasty, and it is 
The history of Sama Temple dates back to the Jiaqing Reign period of the Qing Dynasty. The one in Sanbaokou Village, Rongjiang dates back to the Yongzheng reign period of the Qing Dynasty, and it is among the most ancient. Sama Temple, though outshone by resplendent Han or Tibetan Buddhist temples, has its own distinctive features.


Sama Temples are forbidden sacred sites for outsiders except for specific worship time. They have two versions, the rough version is open-air shrines made of piled boulders and fringed by stone circles, while the exquisite version is Dong-Han style wooden-brick temples featuring front door, main hall, gable and tiled roofs.



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