Dong Architecture

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 Just as the saying goes: “ Dong people have three treasures: drum towers, Wind-Rain Bridge and Kam Grand Choirs.” Drum Towers and Wind-Rain Bridge testify to their extraordinary carpentry skills. All of these distinctive architectures are built by wood and stone.
 Just as the saying goes: “ Dong people have three treasures: drum towers, Wind-Rain Bridge and Kam Grand Choirs.” Drum Towers and Wind-Rain Bridge testify to their extraordinary carpentry skills. All of these distinctive architectures are built by wood and stone. The most amazing part of their architecture is that not a single snail is used during the process.

dong architecture 
Dong Architecture

-------Drum Tower: it is the centerpiece of any Dong village, both physically and spiritually. Among all the ethnic groups, Dong people value community life the most. Drum towers is a place where they hold parties, discuss important issues, find soul mates and practice the Kam Grand Choirs. It also symbolizes the prosperity and union of a village. The five drum towers in Zhaoxing Dong Village worthy of a stopover. Mapang Drum Tower in Guilin is striking and Zengchong Drum Tower in Congjiang County is breathtaking. 

-------Wind-Rain Bridge (Roofed Bridge): to facilitate passengers and to improve Fengshui, Dong people build Wind-Rain bridges above rivers near their village. Made of fir woods and stone, these bridges are endurable and elegant. Sangjiang Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge is the most famous one.
chengyang wind rain bridge
 Sanjiang Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge

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