Hani Nationality Festivals

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Hani Minority celebrates large amounts of festivals, among them, Shiyue Nian(十月年节) and Liuyue Nian(六月年) are the most important. Hani people regard October as the first month of the year, so they celebrate Shiyue Nian just as people celebrate New Year
  Hani Minority celebrates large amounts of festivals, among them, Shiyue Nian(十月年节) and Liuyue Nian(六月年) are the most important. Hani people regard October as the first month of the year, so they celebrate Shiyue Nian just as people celebrate New Year. During the Shiyue Nian, Hani people will get a holiday as long as half a month. People butcher pigs and make glutinous rice cakes to celebrate it.
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Liuyue Nian, also known as Kuzhazha(苦扎扎) in Red River area(红河区) Yunnan Province, is to celebrate new year once again in June. It’s time for Hani people to offer sacrifices to gods and ancestors to pray for a good harvest. Besides, it provides opportunities for young men to compete with each other in many activities like swinging and dancing.
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