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Drum is an integral part of Yao culture, just as Beijing opera to the Han Chinese, Tibetan opera to the Tibetans, Khoomei to the Mongols, Naxi ancient music to the Naxi people and Kam Grand Choirs to theDong Nationality. Yao drums split into Long Drum
Drum is an integral part of Yao culture, just as Beijing opera to the Han Chinese, Tibetan opera to the Tibetans, Khoomei to the Mongols, Naxi ancient music to the Naxi people and Kam Grand Choirs to theDong Nationality. Yao drums split into Long Drum, Copper Drum and Pottery Drum. Long Drum prevails among Pingdi Yao in Guangxi, Copper Drum is popular among Bunu Yao and Pottery Drum is used by Chashan Yao in Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi. Primitive in appearance, Pottery Drum can be placed above legs or in front of chest and is accompanied by other folk instruments such as Gong.

Copper Drum: it is a common sight in Du’an, Bama and Nandan of Guangxi province, which is famous for Li River. Related to Milutuo, Jesus of the Yao people, Copper Drum is imbued with rich religious connotation. Specific rules are made as to how to treasure or use it. Copper drums of White Trousers Yao have two ears and their main bodies are decorated with auspicious patters. Copper drums even split into male ones and female ones. With thicker bodies and longer necks, male copper drums can produce high-pitched voices. Copper Drum also prevails among other ethnicities, such as Miao people.

Long Drum is closely related to Panhu Worship. Panhu was the ancestor of Yao people and Long Drum was invented to memorize him. Long Drum Dance, one of the most famous dances of Yao people, have many variants. It involves a solemn religious ceremony prior to the performance. The longest one measures over 2 m. the most elaborate Long Drum Dance includes over 72 sets of dance steps. Long Drum is to the Yao people just like the cross is to the Christians. Yao people deem it as a holy item and the core of their culture.
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 Copper Drum  Pottery Drum  Long Drum

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