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 Tujia people through singing to find a partner. Their wedding customs are very confusing and interesting. Tujia bride needs to cry neighbors, relatives, a month before their wedding friends and match
 Tujia people through singing to find a partner. Their wedding customs are very confusing and interesting. Tujia bride needs to cry neighbors, relatives, a month before their wedding friends and matchmaker, filial piety. These songs are the themes of the expression of gratitude to parents, brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters. In Zhangjiajie or the three canyon area, you will have the opportunity to witness this special custom. In addition, the bride and groom will compete with each other, sitting at the center of their wedding, will rule the family for the winner.
tujia people wedding custom


Falling into ancestral worship, memorial, celebration, entertainment and harvest, Tujia festivalspromise cultural shock. Notable Tujia festivals include Gannian Festival, Buffalo King Festival, Daughters’ Meeting and Huazhao Festival. Among them, Gannian Festival is one of the most important.
tujia festival
Buffalo King Festival of Tujia people
Places to savor Tujia culture

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